Meta Narrative

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Meta Narrative

in Narrative environment design

A framing narrative that refers to the narratives it encloses and with which it frequently shares diegetic elements: they share (at least partially) the same storyworld, maybe telling about different parts or aspects of it.

The enclosing can (often will) be physical/spatial as well as narrative.

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Meta Narrative

in Narratology

A framing Narrative is one that encloses another or other narratives, which exist on a different narrative level. A framing narrative contains a second (or several) narrative(s) and provides a context or setting for it/them. Sometimes this framing narrative will begin and end the narrative as a whole, providing book ends, while other times the framing narrative will simply be present in the beginning of the narrative. Sometimes when there are several embedded or sub narratives, the framing narrative acts as linkage between them. The framing narrative “sets the scene” for the embedded narrative(s), giving us a context in which we can read and interpret the text.

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