Exhibition gallery

It is a space which people share with works of art and where people experience art in a more or less controlled way. The balance between people and art will vary from gallery to gallery, according to each organization’s overall policy. At one extreme, the exhibition area may be a public space that is designed to be comfortable and relaxing, where the art appears to have been slipped in almost as an afterthought. At the other, the area may be treated as a laboratory where the artist has been experimenting and to which the public has been granted access as a concession. In galleries devoted to temporary exhibitions, the balance between people and art will vary from exhibition to exhibition, according to the intentions of the artist or organizer.

Mike Sixsmith “Designing galleries: the complete guide to developing and designing spaces and services for temporary exhibitions”, 1999

by Madina Safina

edited 23 September, 2015 by Patricia Austin