Barbie and Ken – The Break Up

By using an existing narrative in the context of their work, Greenpeace creates a narrative environment in El Segundo, California to protest against Mattel and demands the company to stop using packaging from materials produced by rainforest destroyers.

The protest event takes place on the facade of Mattel building and its surroundings to bring awareness to locals. Through using an ironic and sarcastic tone of voice, Greenpeace transforms the known love story of Barbie and Ken into a dramatic break up story.  The characters of the known story are seen in the role of two contradictory positions and ideas about environmental responsibility and awareness.

The local police gets involved to the made-up story in real life and blocks actions of the performers and people in charge of the event from Greenpeace. Although, the witnessing of the event becomes an experience for the audience and the message gets delivered in an organic way.

More information about the event can be found here on Greenpeace UK’s Blog

Pinar Akan

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